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Chaotic Connections is a new board game filled with unexpected thrills and frustration for the entire family. Building your road in an attempt to connect at least four major cities on a map of the United States, you'll find that not everyone along your route is eager to assist you with your travels.

Think a journey from Chicago to Nashville consists of cruising down Highway 65 with some good music and an open road?


You'll be going to Nashville via Denver! Or Boston! Or even San Diego!





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*Actual comments from REAL Players!*


"This is a great game. If you don't have a copy, get one."   Kevin W.


"The one repeated phrase was 'Don't Let Daddy Win!' "   Stephanie W.


"Chaotic connections is one of the best games ever! I highly recommend buying it!"  
Christian D.


"Just got this game in our store on Saturday! Love it! Took one home and the kids played it at least 10 times between Saturday and Sunday! No two games were the same! We had one game take 40 minutes and one take 5 minutes. Love it! Two thumbs up!"   Wayne P.